ViVi Cursor

ViVi Cursor Version 2.0.2 Free trial

Make your simple mouse cursor look lovely and attractive with variety of cursor designs and effects giving your desktop an interesting look on the whole

Getting bored by watching same simple kind of mouse cursor on your desktop? Want to make your desktop look beautiful and exciting? ViVi Cursor is then, the exact thing which you need. It is software which enhances the cursors on the windows. Using this software, one can decorate his/her personal desktop as he/she wishes.
ViVi Cursor functions by interacting with the mouse cursor on your desktop and giving it different types of beautiful and exciting effects when you move the mouse cursor on your desktop.
Installing and using ViVi Cursor is a very simple and easy thing to do. As, it is fully compatible with many different versions of windows (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2000, 2003, 98, XP, ME and 98SE),also, it is tested to be free of all kinds of spyware and viruses which can harm your computer in any way, so, it can be safely used at your office system or your home system.
As young generation likes to have new and interesting things on their desktops, this software can especially be very attractive for young people, notably young girls, who can give their personal computers look lovely and attractive whenever the cursor will move on the screen.
The software is available for free trail but one has to pay a small amount of money to buy and enjoy all of its features fully.
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